July 28, 2009

Review 2 (Whale Wars)

whale_wars_dvd My review this week is about Whale Wars.I think that it is a good show. I also think that it could be improved.


Whale Wars is a TV show about people who are called the sea shepherds in the southern ocean between Australia and Antarctica.They are on a boat called the Steve Erwin, and it’s trying to stop Japanese whalers from whaling by throwing bottles of butyric acid and packages of powder on the Japanese whaling boats.The butyric acid smells and tastes bad so no one will want to eat the whale meat and the whalers will have to stop whaling because of the unpleasant smell.The powder makes the floor slippery so the whalers will not want to go onto the deck so they wont slip.I liked this show because I found it interesting that you can stop people from illegally whaling if the government isn’t stopping them. I also like that the people are saving the whales.I think that they should change some things about the show. One time the whalers were getting dangerously close to crashing into the Steve Erwin and the sea shepherds throw bottles of butyric acid at from the deck of the Steve Erwin even though the Dutch, who the Steve Erwin is registered with, said not to throw things from the deck of the ship.I think that they should not have done that.I think they should have a list of things that the Dutch say they cant do for us to see.

Whale Wars is the thing I reviewed this week.Even though it is a good show I still think they could make it better. I enjoy watching this show.

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