August 10, 2009

Review 3 (The Alchemist’s Cat)

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My review this week is about The Alchemist’s Cat. It is by Robin Jarvis.I enjoyed reading this book a lot.I found this book especially enjoyable because I had read The Deptford mice trilogy.

The book takes place in London in 1664 and is about Will Godwin who is enslaved by an alchemist and about some cats that he saves and brings to the alchemist’s shop. I enjoyed reading this book because the one of the cats could talk.In the Deptford mice trilogy there was an evil cat and trying to guess which cat in this book was the evil cat in those books was fun.

The Alchemist’s Cast is a good book.I liked it because there was a talking cat and I liked guessing which cat would turn evil. I think that you should read The Alchemist’s Cat.

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