h* filename: n:ez^ey.dic (or NGEZHEY .DIC)* version: 2011.11.22 * name_of_language: n:ez^ey (n:ez^ey)* name_of_reporter: Carlos Antonio Del Castillo* typo_con: ^ represents a circumflex over the preceding consonant* typo_con: ` represents a grave accent over the preceding vowel* typo_con: n¨ represents a dieresis over “n”* typo_con: n˜ represents a tilde over “n”* language_tag: n:e 001: fit^ 002: […]

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Review 4 (Dracula)

The writing style, plot, and age of the book all played important roles in my evaluation of Dracula, by Bram Stoker. They all make the book better in some ways but also make it worse in others. Overall, the book is good, but has some problems.

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Review 1 (White Fang)

For this review I read White Fang, by Jack London, published by the Penguin Group in 2008. I though that the book was good. I thought the story was interesting and I also liked when Jack London explained what White Fang was thinking.

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Look at the pages I wrote about pigs.

The pages have pictures of pigs, and facts about pigs.    The page says:People eat pigs. Bacon is made out of pigs. Pork is also made out of pigs. Some sausages and hot dogs are made out of pigs. All of these products are usually made out of domestic pigs, not wild boars or wart hogs. […]

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