July 27, 2011

Review 4 (Dracula)

The writing style, plot, and age of the book all played important roles in my evaluation of Dracula, by Bram Stoker. They all make the book better in some ways but also make it worse in others. Overall, the book is good, but has some problems.

One of the things I considered the most is the style in which the book was written. A key feature of the style is that it was written as a series of journal entries, telegraph messages, and other things put together in chronological order. This is a good way for the story to be written firstly because it gives the reader insight into the emotions and thoughts of each character. Also, it makes it easier to remember the names of the characters because they are repeated so much. Another result of this was a difficulty in reading the lines of Van Helsing. this is because his grammar is not very good probably because he is Dutch. Other characters in Dracula sometimes use language that is difficult to understand as well. This aspect about the writing style does not outweigh the other aspects and so the style adds to the value of the book.

Another aspect that I considered more than age is the plot of the story. The novel has an interesting plot, with unexpected turns and complications. Because the plot is about Dracula, reading it is even more interesting because Dracula is the most famous vampire. Before reading the book, I had heard of him a lot, but I did not know much at all about Draculas story. This made everything I read all the more interesting. However, the plot was not perfect. The problem in it was that the plot is at times quite slow. The plots positive qualities were more significant than its negative one and therefore it too helped Dracula be a good book.

The final characteristic of the book that was considered is the age of the book. A way that the age is good is because it is now in the public domain. This means that it is completely free for everyone. Also, the age of the book increased how interesting it is because it allows the reader to see what life was like when it was written. A way that the age is bad is that it means that the language used is old too. This is the reason why all the characters sometimes use language that is difficult to understand. The age of the novel overall adds to the quality of the book, almost entirely because it shows the reader what life was like then.

Dracula is not an excellent book, but it is quite good. If the problems I described above were not there, it would be an outstanding book. Some of these are inevitable, such as old language for an old book, but others are not. I highly recommend reading Dracula, because I enjoyed reading it a lot.


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