July 19, 2009

Review 1 (White Fang)

JackLondonwhitefang1For this review I read White Fang, by Jack London, published by the Penguin Group in 2008. I though that the book was good. I thought the story was interesting and I also liked when Jack London explained what White Fang was thinking.

White fang is about a dog named White Fang who is ¾ wolf and a quarter domestic dog White fang is born in the wild. His mother, Kiche, who is half wolf and half dog, goes to a Native American camp and the Natives their use him as a sled dog. White Fang thinks of the humans as gods. 0ne day, after the Native Americans get to a fort, after Grey Beaver, White fang’s owner, sold al his furs, moccasins and everything else that he brought to sell, after he spent all of his money on whiskey, and after he drank all of his whiskey, grey beaver wanted whiskey so badly sold White fang to Beauty Smith, who is mean and ugly. Beauty tortured White Fang and made him fight dogs, wolves, and one time he even made white Fang fight a lynx and White fang started to hate everything. White Fang won every fight. The last time White Fang fought for Beauty Smith he fought a bull dog named Cherokee and lost for the first time. Luckily, however the people who were watching saved him by pulling Cherokee off at the last second. Beauty smith sold White Fang to a man named Weedon Scott. Weedon was so kind to White Fang that White Fang stopped hating everything and when Weedon went to California White Fang took him as a pet. He thought of Weedon’s family as possessions of Weedon It was hard for White Fang to get used to living in California, but he eventually got used to it.

I thought that it was strange when White Fang wanted to go back to Grey Beaver when he sold White Fang to Beauty Smith. I found it interesting that Jack London knew that dogs like to stay with their old master. I thought that it was cool how White Fang was like The Call of the Wild except it was a wild dog turning into a pet instead of the other way around. I liked how I knew what White Fang was thinking.

This book was a good book and I think that you should read it. It was very entertaining to read. I liked knowing things about White Fang like how he thought of Weedon’s family as possessions of Weedon. White Fang is the book I reviewed.


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